What we do

 A conscious and cautious enhancement with national and international experts

 Informal interchange of knowledge and experiences

 Active participation at local events

 Information for all members

 Active informational tours with the different target groups (including tourism) in order to raise
awareness and image

 Special lobby for the exceptional wine from southeastern Styria


Our vision shows orientation and motivates long-term

 The styrian „Vulkanland“ performs as a hotspot when it comes to wine – „Winzer Vulkanland“!

 The styrian “Vulkanland” is different – Soil and people are individual!

 The winemaker of the styrian „Vulkanland“ are adding the area objective and emotional competence when
talking about wine. Wine – growing country „Vulkanland“!

 The styrian „Vulkanland“ – the homeland of special people – with a completely different soil = Winzer
Vulkanland Styria!

 The main key aspects of the association lay on increasing quality, sustainability in handling of nature,
exchange of knowledge and experience between the winemaker and the development of a self-contained
profile of the vineyard.


What do all winemaker have in common?

 Love, especially when it comes to quality, involving the whole family of them for generations (and also
in future)

 Variety and individuality

 Eating – and drinking habits as a part of the local culture can be experienced through their families

 Honesty and groundedness (also concerning price)

 Change the ME- to a WE - feeling

 Living sustainability as ideal and example

 Regional appreciation as must-have


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